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Catalyzing, Curating and Incubating Deep Tech Innovation in India – Deep Tech Innovation & Incubation Networked Centers Initiative:

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Mission:  Catalysing, Curating, Incubating and Commercializing Deep Technology enabled Innovation from R&D of Technology Institutions and Govt. R&D Institutions.
In this realm of activity we have also developed an
“Innovation and Incubation Centre for Machine Learning and AI” (IICML)
which we have started in East India
Reason to Start:
Because of the deep expertise and experience TotalStart has in it’s Mentor and Governance Board and our Mentor Network in deep tech innovation space and the big gap in the ecosystem w.r.t. efforts towards it, we have taken on the responsibility to create a strong result oriented focused approach towards deep tech innovation lead research and creation of emerging technology based applications which will support deep tech based solutions with globally viable and scalable enterprises.
Our Focus and Approach:
TotalStart has initiated the facilitation of the first Deep Tech Innovation & Incubation Networked Centres Initiative to catalyse, curate and incubate deep tech innovation in India focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, IOT, Business Intelligence and other non Information Technology areas. Discussions have been kick-started with several state Governments in India for support. This will be the first and one of a kind initiative in the country where there will be strong cross country collaboration between Germany, Israel, Canada, US and for sure within India both across Research Institutions and Industries to develop Collaborative Solution using deep technology directly applicable for the industry, having strong commercial viability, value and scalability. VCs and deep pocketed Tech HNIs have also been lined up to support. We are engaging with Industry who will sponsor and support industry focused solutions specific to their industry in this space. We are reaching out to some of our networked friends who we believe, believes in excellence and would like to support the pursuance of it. We strongly believe in getting national and global level support and already seeing early signs for it in our endeavour to create a world class Deep Tech Networked Collaborative Innovation and Incubation Program in India with cross industry and cross top Indian and global research collaboration to bring in excellence to our world of creating deep innovation led technology solutions resolving real world gaps or probing into new areas to resolve problems which lies in the future. We are also closely working out with DIPP, MEITY, DST and Niti Aayog, Govt. Of India on this.

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