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Dr. Shikha Sharma :

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In 1994, a fresh medical graduate and a renowned nutrition expert now – Dr Shikha Sharma, realised modern day pills and medicines only provide temporary relief but an effective way of managing a patient’s problem was by correcting the lifestyle and eating habits. Motivated and determined to make an impact, she started correcting the eating habits by incorporating the basics of modern nutrition but surprisingly found out that all her questions were not answered by their theories. She therefore started exploring a more logical explanation for the relationship between food and behaviour and compatibility of the human body. Ayurveda enlightened her, and she started observing the food group responses on the patient’s body as per Ayurveda. For a better impact she started setting up clinics and treating thousands of patients received through word of mouth. About a decade ago, with the technological boom in telecom sector, she pivoted her clinic model into a tele-nutrition advisory model which was the first of its kind with a team of over 50 Nutritionists and Doctors catering to patients across the globe. Committed towards the goal of providing personalisation and convenience to the patients, she built an organisation, Dr Shikha’s Nutrihealth, which is currently sending over 2 lakh diet plans per month across the globe. The model has helped her in expanding her reach from Delhi to the international geographies.
She was the early adopter of introducing digital technology in health and nutrition. Keeping pace with the rapidly changing environment, she kept on innovating and pivoting the model by introducing connected Body Fat analyser weighing scale, introducing a health app – Vedique Diet, which got over 1 lakh downloads in less than 4 months. The App gives personalised free nutrition plans, Food comparison and personalised suggestions, weight loss recipes, Health videos, etc. Persistent to educate the masses and deliver health, she has linked her App with the herbal and organic products. The App guides the clients on how to use the products effectively to gain health benefits.
With over 40% repeat clients, the organisation is loved and followed by over 5 lakh people on her facebook verified page. The organisation has over 80% women employees supporting Dr Shikha’s vision of women empowerment and is providing quality e-services to the masses. She and her organisation are committed to deliver results in improving the health of patients looking for management of weight, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, etc.

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