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Kunal Singhal- Eazyerp

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Being an entrepreneur is all about drive and determination to make it happen. I was motivated to pursue my passion for technology & core development even when I was a Chartered Accountant by education and had my family’s real estate business to cater to. I had this vision of making a globally renowned brand that was not just limited to a particular region.
Research is really important in any business and is your best friend to gain knowledge about the competition, establish your unique selling proposition and define your target audience and target market. Back in the early days of my CA practice, I spent a substantial amount of time in figuring out the gap between technology and Indian SME Industry. The key factors of this gap were budget constraints, lack of awareness, unskilled manpower, fear to move finance etc. But, despite these issues the small & medium scale manufacturers were using Tally for their accounting needs. That’s where the idea for a venture where my education and passion could converge was born and EAZY ERP was incepted in 2007; although it was only till 2014, when I totally shifted my attention towards EAZY ERP.
‘EAZY ERP’ is India’s first Enterprise level ERP which does not have a finance module of its own. Instead, it uses Tally as a finance module which is deeply integrated with all its modules. This allows medium sized industries to easily adapt to new systems without making any changes in Finance sphere.
The biggest challenge we faced was the low level of awareness amongst SMEs for ERP applications. Most of the time, they did not even know what ERP systems were and what they could do with them. Overcoming all these challenges, EAZY ERP has achieved immense success and is patronized by prestigious brands such as MDH, Kamdhenu Paints, Ashok Masale, Pigeon, Hindustan Pumps etc.
In 2016, we launched another groundbreaking product, ‘EAZY DMS’. It is the first of its kind distributor management software that helps to track secondary sales without deploying a software solution at the distributor’s end. It simply integrates with the distributor’s Tally and gives the parent company the power to visualize. Targeted to solve distribution challenges of top 500 companies in FMCG & FMCD industry, EAZY DMS has managed to create enough buzz in the market and is currently patronized by big FMCG & FMCD companies like Cremica, Halidiram’s Prabhuji, Bikano, Shell, Hella, Crompton, Lotus Herbals, PolyCab, Goodyear, etc.
We are currently working with more than 250+ clients across the globe. The company now has a global presence with offices in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, UAE, Bahrain, Kenya, Saudi Arabia.
Apart from this, I am also the Co-founder of an online audition app, FirstCut. It is an app that facilitates auditions online and connects casting agencies, casting directors and film production houses to the app users immediately and securely. Within a short span of time, FirstCut has more than 100,000+ subscribers & 300+ production houses as its users.

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